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1/11/2020 - Indoor Training Starts for High School Boys

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2019 - 2020 TRYOUT DATES

2019 - 2020 TRYOUT DATES
2011 Girls U9 Thurs, May 30 5:30p - 6:45p
2011 Boys U9 Thurs, May 30 5:30p - 6:45p
2010 Girls U10 Thurs, May 30 6:45p - 8:00p
2010 Boys U10 Thurs, May 30 6:45p - 8:00p
2009 Girls U11 Mon, May 27 5:30p - 6:45p
 2009BoysU11Wed, May 295:30p - 6:45p
2008 Girls U12 Mon, May 27 5:30p - 6:45p
2008 BoysU12Wed, May 295:30p - 6:45p
2007 Girls U13 Tue, May 28 5:30p - 6:45p
2006 Girls U14 Tue, May 28 5:30p - 6:45p
2006 Boys U14 Tue, May 28 6:45p - 8:00p
2005 Girls U15 Wed, May 29 5:30p - 7:00p
2005 Boys U15 - 8th Grade No Team No Team
2005 Boys U15 - High School Posted at a later date

Playing Up Policy

A player that would like to play-up in an older age group must submit a written/email request to the Club Director ( [email protected] ).  The Club Director must receive the request no later then May 16.  The parents must also discuss their child's request with the Director of Coaching prior to the beginning of tryouts.

Upon approval by the Club Director, the player may tryout for an older age group.  The player will be evaluated during tryouts along with other players trying out for the desired team.  An under aged player may be placed on a team based on the following:
1) A player may only request to move up in age by 1 year
2) The player must be evaluated during the scheduled team tryout period
3) The player must demonstrate the mental, psychological and physical maturity required to perform at an older age group.
4) The player must be determined by the evaluator(s) to be a "impact player" for the older age group.  An impact player is generally defined as one of the top 3 players on the team.

The general rule is:  if the player is NOT in the top 3 (impact players) on an older team, he/she should be playing age appropriate.  Playing up as an 'impact player' can have several advantages to a player and his/her development.   Playing up as an 'role player' does not typically benefit the player and may cause the player to regress psychologically and physically (playing time), which in turn will hinder tactical and technical abilities/experience.   The decision made by the Club Director and Director of Coaching are final and not open to appeal.


No worries. Please register above and contact us today to get your kid seen by one of our coaches. They will be invited to come out and train with their peers so a skills assessment can be made.  You can email Craig Lansing at [email protected]

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